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Vegetable Garden

All you need to know : Kitchen Gardens

Published by Preeti Patil on   December 4, 2018 in   English Articles

Kitchen Gardens ‘Grow your own food’ is a movement that is fast gaining popularity across the world. Increased use of pesticides, climate change, the quality of food are a few reasons why people are exploring the possibility of growing their own food. With a select few commercial crops that are grown throughout the year, we

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Consumer rights demystified

Published by Mumbai Grahak Panchayat on   November 22, 2018 in   English Articles

Each one of us is a consumer. We consume goods, services or environments and it is natural to have complaints about quality, price, measurement, after sale service, time etc. While we may complain verbally, most of us fail to lodge an official complaint with appropriate authorities due to ignorance. We are unaware of our consumer rights

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Personal safety for school kids – A guide for parents

Published by Kalnirnay on   July 24, 2018 in   English Articles

The 2007 National Study conducted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development revealed the shocking state of children’s safety in our country – 53% of the children interviewed, were reported to have been abused or continue to experience abuse. The findings of the survey were : There was no significant difference in the gender of

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Let your CV make the first impression

Published by Subhashini Narkar on   June 23, 2018 in   2018English Articles

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first step you will take towards your dream school, dream internship or even your dream job. Writing it well is extremely important to make sure that the reader gets a quick overview of your achievements and goals. A successful CV is the one that provides a holistic view of

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Make time work for you

Published by Kiran Manral on   May 19, 2018 in   English Articles

All we get is 24 hours in a day, and sometimes as working women, managing home and a career, that can seem all too little. A woman juggles multiple responsibilities and with all that juggling, she might feel that a lot is slipping through her fingers. But as most women do know, tasks get done concurrently,

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Burn, don’t crash: Workout myths busted

Published by Kalnirnay on   March 9, 2018 in   English ArticlesHealth Mantra

Regular exercise is vital to good health. However, excessive exercise can lead to injuries and reduce immunity levels. Know your boundaries to exercise safely and get the most out of your workouts. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your exercise session : 1. Warm-up and cooldown A warm-up prepares

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Swipe with care

Published by Vinayak Kulkarni on   February 23, 2018 in   English ArticlesReaders Choice

Credit and Debit Cards are termed as ‘Plastic Money’ because one would use them as real money. While a debit card enables an account holder to spend money that they already have in the bank, a credit card allows a person to use the money that they don’t have. The process of using a credit

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Nature Reserves: The need of the hour

Published by Nobin Pradhan on   November 13, 2017 in   English Articles

Our Environment – a matter of concern  People need food and water, space in which to live, air to breathe, and energy to drive their machines. Consequently, many environmental problems have been caused by people. Global warming, acid rains and holes in the ozone layer are three examples of manmade problems. A connection with nature

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